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Use online scholarship searches to identify other local and national scholarship opportunities. Some reputable sites include:

We advise strongly against paying for any scholarship search service or information. At best, these companies give you information you could find on your own for free. At worst, they promise exclusive scholarship leads or guaranteed scholarships and they simply cannot deliver. Be sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy website or organization before revealing any personal information.

Searching for Scholarships

Your high school guidance counselors’ office is a good place to start your scholarship search. They often know about the scholarships available only to students in your school, town, or county which are typically easier to get because the applicant pool is smaller.

Many departments, programs, and schools at Illinois State award limited scholarship or tuition waiver funds. Visit your intended program’s website to learn more.

When? Search Early, Search Often, Search Yearly

Many application deadlines occur during spring for the upcoming fall semester. Begin your searches around November for scholarships for the coming school year. There are application deadlines which cycle throughout the year. If you missed a particular deadline, we recommend you keep a list and review that list yearly for those upcoming dates to apply for that and other scholarships.

High School students – We recommend you start your search for scholarships in your junior year. You can create a timeline for application deadlines to utilize during your senior year and apply on time. That way you don’t miss any scholarship opportunities. Don't forget to check out scholarship opportunities through your high school.

General Scholarships

This list contains General scholarships which are not based on major of study and is arranged according to one key criteria of the scholarship. Please refer to the application for more specific criteria.

Teacher Scholarships

You may only receive funding from one of the above-mentioned teacher programs (IFTC, SETTW, MTI) in any given academic year.

Other State Scholarships/Grants

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