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For Illinois State Departments

This section is for use by Academic and Non-Academic Departments at Illinois State University.

Departmental Scholarship Dashboard

Please use the  Departmental Scholarship online dashboard  for all Foundation Scholarships, Grant-In-Aid Programs, Miscellaneous Scholarships, Graduate Tuition Waivers, Undergraduate Tuition Waivers, and ROTC Scholarships.

Additional documentation:

  • Procedures for Foundation Scholarship Form Preparers
  • Procedures for Foundation Scholarship Form Approvers (Fiscal Agents)
  • Tuition Waiver Checklist
    • This is a 2 page Excel document. Page 1 is the Student Specific Checklist which much be completed for every recipient of a tuition waiver and kept on file in the Awarding Department. Page 2 is a Program Checklist which must be completed each academic year and kept on file in the Awarding Department. Both checklists are required for every ISU tuition waiver program and will be requested during an audit.
    • Tuition Waiver Submission Deadlines dates are as follows (or the following business day if the deadline falls on the weekend):
      • Fall Semester- Dec. 1st
      • Spring Semester- May 1st
      • Summer Semester- August 1st

Scholarship Finder Updates

Submit this form to make changes to your department’s scholarship details on the university’s scholarship search tool, Submitted changes will be processed by the ISU Foundation office, which will allow students to view accurate, up-to-date information about available scholarships.