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Satisfactory Academic Progress

The government has three expectations for students who are using any type of aid, including loans. These expectations are pretty basic: maintain a 2.0 GPA, pass 67% of your enrolled classes, and graduate before earning 180 credit hours (it usually takes only 120 to earn a degree). You need to stay within these requirements to renew your Financial Aid and to be making satisfactory progress towards your degree. For more detailed information regarding violation indicators, review Illinois State's policy regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Illinois State University will send you a one-time "warning" letter and if there is no improvement by the end of the next term, all federal and state aid will be suspended. If your aid is suspended, our office will send notification and a link to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form. This information is also available to you through under the Financial Aid section.

If you have already submitted an appeal, you can check your status by checking your student portal or contacting your Financial Aid counselor.