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When You Leave Illinois State


Congratulations! Be sure to complete Exit Counseling – this counseling will help you understand your responsibilities once your six month grace period is over. Establish an online account with your loan servicer, update your contact information, and review your repayment options. Loan servicer information can be found on

If you are unable to find steady employment upon graduation, contact your loan servicer about your options, like Deferment or Forbearance and Loan Forgiveness, Cancellation, or Discharge.

Withdrawing Students

If you are leaving the university, be sure to complete the entire withdrawal process with our Registrar's Office. Follow their checklist to ensure your withdrawal is complete and contact your Financial Aid counselor to see how your aid will be affected, especially if you are leaving mid-semester.

Outbound Transfers

If you are leaving the university to attend a new school mid-year, be sure to add your new school to your existing FAFSA and resubmit the FAFSA. Contact your Financial Aid counselor to cancel any future semester's aid and work with your new school to reprocess your new eligibility.