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Scholarship Recipients

Students are required to notify the Financial Aid Office of all scholarships received. These scholarships are considered financial assistance and must be counted as aid received. It is to a student's advantage to notify our office as soon as possible about receipt of any scholarship assistance given by any source external to the ISU Financial Aid Office. Once we are notified of the receipt of an award, your financial aid package will be reviewed to determine if other aid will need to be reduced or removed.

Private Scholarship Recipients

Please send checks (or have your scholarship donor send your scholarship check):

Illinois State University
Financial Aid Office
Attn: Scholarships
Campus Box 2320
Normal, IL 61790-2320

Email correspondence related to your scholarship can be directed to

Disbursement of Private Scholarship Checks Policy

In the absence of instructions from the donor, our policy is to split all scholarship checks exceeding $1,500 in half between the fall and spring semesters. Checks $1,500 or less will be applied to one semester. If you wish to have the award disbursed in a different manner, you must obtain a letter from the scholarship donor stating their intentions for the award. The donor’s letter should be sent to the address listed above.

Recipients of Illinois State University Scholarships

If an Illinois State department, college, office, or other organization on campus notifies you that you will receive a scholarship from them, please be aware that these funds may not be available immediately. These funds often come from the Illinois State University Foundation which must transfer the money to your student account in order for it to be refunded to you (if your award exceeds your current charges). It may take two-four weeks after you see the award on your account for the excess money to refund.